AthleteAdvantage.org is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization created by athletes for athletes.  Our goal is to provide the services that many young up and coming athletes don't have access to or can't afford.


Too many times we have heard the horror stories of parents that home school their kids, mortgage their home and get on the road in hopes that their athlete will get picked up by a major sponsor and go pro.  Tragically, these dreams come crashing down with an accident that financially burdens the family and all hope and glory is left behind on the track with a stack of medical bills piling up.


AthleteAdvantage.org raises funds through corporate sponsorships, athlete sponsorship programs, fund raising events, and memberships.  These funds are then used to pay for MedEvac coverage, medical expenses, membership dues, deductibles, and other services for our athletes when needed.  We are striving operate at a 90/10 ratio which means 90% of every dollar goes to the cause.


See our "Services" page to find out more about the details of service offerings to our athletes.


Our mission is to provide young up and coming athletes access to life-management services so they may actively compete without the worry of how they or their family will survive after a tragic injury.


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AthleteAdvantage.org has agreements in place with entities such as Aflac.  These Accident Advantage program reimburses you in the case of an injury.  This program provides necessary cash when needed the most, after an accident.

Legal Services

There's nothing worse than wishing you had gotten the correct legal advise before entering into an agreement. Our legal partners will provide legal services that will be paid for by AthleteAdvantage.org

Medical Evacuation

Our partnership with the AirCareMed Network provides helicopter and airplane transportation out of the most critical situations for athletes and their families from over 220 major US cities.

Life & Disability

AthleteAdvantage.org  can purchase life insurance on some athletes that qualify to help cover the families expenses in case of a tragic accident.  We can provide short term and long term disability insurance to cover expenses while some are recovering from an incident.




Need accounting assistance or financial advice?  Our financial partners have CPA's and financial advisers to help guide you through the maze of finances so you can focus on perfecting that next move.

Support Services

We care for athletes & families facing life-changing adjustments as well as those making end-of-life decisions. If you are anxious or feel the need for pastoral care, religious & spiritual support, or just someone to consult with while on the road, take time to contact one of us.


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